36 Sovereign Chambers is a set of Indonesian advocates’ chambers specializing in international trade law, international investment law and international arbitration with focus on ASEAN and Indonesia jurisdictions.

It is the first Indonesian law practice operating on a pure Chambers model like in the United Kingdom, which each member in independent practice.

Chambers is not a law firm or law partnership. Rather, Chambers is comprised of individual advocates qualified to practice in Indonesia, each of whom is a self-employed sole practitioner who share the costs of offices and administration, but not profits or liabilities.



How we work


Our members may be instructed by a law firm (both Indonesian law firm or foreign law firm of solicitors), in-house counsel on behalf of the companies where they work or individual person. It is not uncommon that our member is instructed by law firm of solicitors (both Indonesian and foreign) to team up with them in representing clients in litigation or arbitration in Indonesia or abroad or to give specific legal advice on the area of law which our members have special expertise. Members also often work with other members as a team in a case and upon approval of the client.





Our objective is to offer our clients value for money. To help achieve this, and also to accelerate our continuous drive to deliver our services in the most effective and cost-efficient way, we offer a full spectrum of fee arrangement possibilities. For example, fees may be charged on the basis of an agreed fee for particular work (for example, a lump-sum fee for a hearing) or on the basis of an agreed hourly rate or for certain cases, we accept contingency basis (full or partial) or an alternative fee arrangement. We are happy to discuss the most appropriate fee arrangement in every matter, and we are happy to collaborate with our clients on this vital step on the road to better aligning our fee structures with what our clients value.